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Ciao Valledoria onlus,
within these pages you have the chance to discover the reasons for our portal, which has been created to promote sustainable tourism, a concept closely linked to environmental themes, and aimed at providing a guide to the area  by focusing on its particular highlights, found only on this spectacular
island of  Sardinia...

One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, a common denominator for the various peoples that have appeared over the years, and who have introduced and combined their different cultures among themselves.

, the Mediterranean maquis and the local eco-system, the Region, Anglona, Valledoria.
The vegetation of an area is closely linked to the general and local weather conditions, the variety of indigenous species, and to the effects that urbanization has on the area and the community...

Sardinia as you  like it, look through the pages on our site, you’ll find hundreds of opportunities to put together a high quality holiday, in the unique context that is our Sardinia...maybe you are exactly that casual reader...

Sardegna e Acqua


Water, the source of life, the link between the island and its precious element, not  just the sea, but a combination of history  and culture  that binds the principle element of life  to every day...

Welcome to the Ciao Valledoria portal

The aim of this portal is to introduce you to  Sardinia in general and more particularly the area  of Valledoria, together with those  tourism operators who work there.
It is intended to be  a short introduction, to give you an interesting idea of the area for your holidays, if you wish, together with us, to enjoy a better level of vacation.

Better because  we want to develop along with you, using the concept of sustainability.

Better because we  want to consider everyone’s experiences, combining yours as well, so as to better understand how to develop our potential for tourism, maintaining our unique features and biodiversity, which you wil be able to discover, should we have the pleasure of your company as our guests.

In the top part you will be able to see the general contents, which will contain continually updated details as we add more news and information about the area.

On the right at the top, there are the icons allowing you to share this site with Twitter and/or Facebook.

We would be really happy if you could make as many contributions as possible to this section of contents, as well as sharing them on your individual profiles.
The first menù, on the right at the top also contains information about the Ciao Valledoria Association, and the promotion and conservation mission.

There are the GPS coordinates, where the interactive document will, at a glance, give you the option of changing focus and distribution characteristics, regarding the various services available in the area, with the possibility of accessing sector lists and information about the businesses  featured, in addition to the information sheets published on the current portal.

Then, again on the right, there is a section devoted to news in general, which is updated depending on events currently taking place, and which invites you to look at the latest items of interest.
Further down there is a space dedicated to the banners of the various  operators taking part in the project and where by browsing through and clicking on the relevant section you will be able to go  to the individual company sites.

Below this moving section, there is the section where the individual operators are divided according to sector; this part of the site changes when you visit the page dedicated to a single particular operator, showing only activities that do not conflict with others.
Last but not least, on the right at the bottom there are the operators’ special offers, presented at random so as to always give you something new to attract your attention.

We sincerely hope that making this information available meets with your approval, and we also hope that this portal can develop and become more and more interactive, through the activities undertaken by you, the reading public, and all the participating operators.
We would like to emphasise, as already stated in other sections of the portal, that this site is  non profit-making; it is designed purely to provide information about the area, for the dedicated promotion of responsible tourism.
Any action that you wish to take, with regard to products or local services, should be aimed directly at those tourist operators involved, via their company websites, or by using the telephone numbers or e-mail addresses available outside this site.

Ciao Valledoria, together we want to promote sustainable tourism in Sardinia with you in Valledoria.

Ciao Valledoria - Environment protection no profit association - Responsible tourism promotion - Valledoria (SS) - Italy