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About us

The Ciao Valledoria onlus Association is a non profit-making organisation,  created by a group of private citizens, resident in Valledoria, who believe in the sustainable development of the area.

Valledoria is a small town on the  North coast of Sardinia, in the Province of Sassari, which in 2010, had about 4,700 residents, and which during the summer sees about 25,000 people pass through.

This “onlus” is an organisation aimed at protecting the environment, since its members believe in a development of the area which is compatible with the environment, and they have declared this as part of the organisation’s statute.

Valledoria has tremendous potential as an area, with a variety of geomorphological conditions and really interesting biotypes.

As a territory, Valledoria is part of the S.I.C. Foci del Coghinas area, which covers the last stretch of the river to its mouth, and which encompasses all the biodiversity present within it.

The task of the Association is to support and assist planned activities of communication and cultural education which accompany local socio-economic development, to generate a quality approach, compatible with the merit of the surrounding area.

This approach, among the aims of the Association, will lead to a series of actions in the medium and long term, of which this portal is an integral part.

One of the primary working aims of the Ciao Valledoria Association, is therefore to communicate in an effective manner, with tourists as the target, since they are important for the area, attempting to point them in the direction of certain aspects and values in line with the development logic proposed.

One of the main causes of environmental imbalance in an area is due to urban and temporary development which often pays little attention to the conservation of local characteristics.

In an area which experiences great variations in terms of the presence of tourists, as with many other destinations in Sardinia, of which Valledoria is a part, one of the prime aspects to which attention should be paid is a better combining of forces regarding the development of the area, in this case aimed at one of its principal elements: the  tourist sector and all its relevant components, its transformation and services, with regard to the conservation and protection of local  biodiversity, which is the primary appealing factor for this sector.

Following the logic of unchecked consumerism, there will be no tourism in the future, unless this area preserves and protects its  values, its qualities and its points of international interest.

Instead, in order that tourism can continue to represent a source of income, and a positive representation of the qualities of this area, maintaining environmental balances in as unchanged a state as possible, since these are one of the main attractions, it is necessary both on the part of operators, local Administrations and residents, and on the part of target users, to implement a logic directed towards the culture of responsible tourism, which will be to everyone’s advantage.

This is the beginning of a journey to undertake together, step by step, improving every day in order to create better results, for the benefit of present and future generations.
In this way, competition between products and services is no longer found in variable factors such as sea, type of accomodation, services and costs, inasmuch as these four are applicable to thousands of destinations all over the world, in competition amongst themselves and with no attention paid to the long term, but in the search for a place where one can experience emotions and sensations, aware of being part of a developing project, which intends  to maintain resources, so that many others after us can still enjoy them, and continuing to feel themselves part of a process in which everyone is called to take part.

This is who we are, and we want you to be a part of it.

 Ciao Valledoria

Ciao Valledoria - Environment protection no profit association - Responsible tourism promotion - Valledoria (SS) - Italy