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Through the activities and actions laid down in its Statute, the Ciao Valledoria onlus intends to  develop and fulfill an important community role in looking after and promoting a “culture of the environment”.


Country side

This portal plays a primary role in the Valledoria area, in proposing sustainable and responsible tourism, promoting the unique points of interest in this beautiful corner of Sardinia.
The message of this portal is therefore: discover and get to know this area for your holidays in Sardinia, because we are here for you with a logical programme aimed at improving ourselves and your presence as a responsible tourist.

We aim to promote tourism that is respectful of the environment, the culture of a holiday that is distinguished by understanding an area and a community, by making a contribution to maintaining it in as complete a natural state as possible, and compatible with the present urban situation.
SIC Foci del CoghinasIn this part of Sardinia, Valledoria hosts a protected area which is part of the European Natura 2000 circuit.
The S.I.C. (Site of Community Interest), Foci del Coghinas, is an area of around 2,260 hectares, which includes and follows the final section of the river Coghinas, which flows into the sea here in the Golfo dell'Asinara.
Whether you prefer to spend your holidays in a  hotel,  holiday village, campsite, holiday home or B&B, each of these options is fully compatible with the concept of responsible tourism.
We wish you to get to know in order to admire, to respect, and to transmit to others a passion for  the essential search for a natural balance, which today is ever more important, in the light of what is seen and heard every day throughout the world, and where the delicate environmental balance of numerous areas is continuously being modified, and whose readjustment is becoming more and more difficult and demanding.
So come to Sardinia, visit our site of community interest, contribute with opinions, knowledge and proposals to improve it and keep it alive, as a favour to your and future generations, in such a way that the defence of these islands of nature becomes a seed that will grow for a better future.
holiday in Valledoria offers you everything that you would normally expect from a holiday in Sardinia.
You have kilometres of beaches, hospitality, sports, relaxation, a mouthwatering oenogastronomic wealth of choice, but you also have much much more.
With your presence you can contribute to improve both us and yourselves. Together, we can work towards sustainable tourism; with us, you can discover the richness and diversity of all the different biotypes present.
You can discover a plant, that only grows here, in North Sardinia and in Spain, compared to the rest of the world.
You can watch some of the roughly 200 species of birds, which either pass through or which make nests in the lagoons of the river, like the grey heron, the great egret, the egret, the marsh-harrier and many others, among the 300 or so that are found in Sardinia.

Together with a marine biologist, you can discover the wildlife of the Golfo dell'asinara, and with Nature guides you can observe and understand the plants and geomorphology of the area, which here on the coast of North Sardinia, is one of the biggest and most important dune systems.
You have available paths and tracks for trekking, montain biking, or just walking, alongside the sea, whose memory, we hope, will go back with you to the city, for when you relax and think back to Valledoria, and Sardinia.

Our mission is to promote your new holiday in Sardinia.
Sea sideA holiday in Sardinia not just by the sea, but all year round; because if you have respect for it, you can find a corner of nature willing to welcome you in every season.
If you are a sports enthusiast, we are ready to provide you with your own natural gym.
Sailing, kayak,
diving, running, bike, kite surf, windsurf, surf, diving, swimming, trekking, tennis and many other sports are on offer.
We want to encourage eco-friendly sports, those which you can enjoy through using only the power of the wind, the sea, or your own physical strength.
But maybe you can come here and just do nothing, to walk along the paths smelling the scent of the myrtle and the Mediterranean bush vegetation. Yes, you can also think about just relaxing.
We want the quality of your life to improve, we want you to benefit  depending on your expectations, and for you to become the number one promoter of our area.
Every moment of the year is a chance for you to come to Valledoria, in Sardinia.

Every period throughout the year has its own high points and remember, here, when we say winter, it means an average temperature of around fifteen degrees C, which means that you can enjoy your holiday in full even then.
The way homeThen there are all the seasons, with all the different vegetables, each of which has its own time and place.
We will let you discover the local specialities, even the typical spiny Sardinian artichoke, you can find out just how good the zuppa is, made with bread, pecorino cheese and sheep’s broth. Made with Sardinian wheat there are our famous gnocchetti, then red and white wines, made from our own grapes which enjoy the sun and a terrain which is ideal for perfect maceration, the cheeses from this area, and finally  the taste and flavour of meat raised on our own farms.
Here you can also find a sector devoted to local fishing, passed down from father to son, where  small fishing boats and non-intensive systems are still used, which will grant you the pleasure of locally caught fish with a taste of times past.
Yes, we are tempting you, that’s our mission, we are holding out two hands, one to offer, and the other to welcome.

We are offering you all the Sardinia that we are able to give you, but we want you to help us to maintain and improve it, through a culture of responsible tourism,  which you can read about in these pages and contribute to by choosing Sardinia as a destination.
We also want you to feel that our island is also yours, and that you, like us, feel moved, when we wake up in the morning and Sardinia is all around us.

We’re waiting here for you...


Ciao Valledoria

Responsible tourism promotion

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