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Sailing school Playa Sardinia

Playa Sardinia no profit Association

Indulge your passion for sailing and Nature all year round at the protected area of the Foce del Coghinas.
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operator main activityPlaya Sardinia is the centre for environmental education located in the Foce del Coghinas area. Open all year round, with services available for reservations, it offers a sailing centre with a new fleet of craft. As a sailing school it offers courses at all levels. Other activities regarding environmental education are always available, such as courses in marine biology featuring snorkelling, and walking excursions with official organized nature guides to discover the natural wealth of the dunal area along the sea shore, and the area around Casteldoria and Monti Ussoni.
The centre for environmental education has a large wooden building, perfectly in tune with the setting and located near the Foce del Coghinas. The Centre has a large room inside for courses, and plenty of space outside for teaching during the hotter periods. It also has separate changing rooms for men and women, and a separate area near the water for laying up the boats when they are not being used. At the Valledoria Town library, there are several books about the environment and Sardinia in general, which you can read, and as there are seats outside, it is possible to relax and enjoy a good read as well as looking at all the local activities available.
operator servicesAt the Foce del Coghinas Playa Sardinia offers sailing courses at all levels, depending on the ability of the students. Level 0 (L0), a day-long course, typically taught during the weekend, contains an introduction to sailing and an entertaining day out sailing , with a spaghetti meal thrown in, at a restaurant on the Valledoria beach front, which is an excellent no-strings attached way to get to know this magnificent sport. Level 1 (L1) is a introductory sailing course which lasts 5 days, either mornings or afternoons, or with a formula week end, and allows a novice to learn the basics of sailing, and to be independent when sailing a dinghy in light winds by the end of the course. Level 2 (L2) is an intermediate course for those who have already taken a sailing course, and it allows the student to improve his or her navigational skills, even in moderate winds, making the most of trim and speed. Level 3 (L3) is the advanced course for those who wish to improve their skills of control and speed, use of the gennaker and trapeze sailing. Dedicated one to one formulas are available on request, as well as group courses. Playa Sardinia offers reduced prices and conditions for Sardinian residents in order to promote the sport here at home. In addition to sailing courses relaxing and exciting excursions to the marine areas surrounding the coast are also possible.
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local areaThe area of the Foce del Coghinas is an ideal setting both for environmental education, due to the diversity of the biotypes present, and also for sail-related activities, more specifically the sailing school. The lagoon at the mouth of the river offers a safe shelter, in any wind and sea condition, thus guaranteeing a constantly flat water surface, where it is possible to practice every day in order to develop confidence when sailing. The sea, on the other hand, offers the chance to navigate along long coastlines towards nearby Castelsardo, or Isola rossa, with a truly splendid coastal panorama with on one side, towards the West, the chance to admire the cliffs of the Monti Ussoni massif, while on the Eastern side, there is the vast and complex dunal system of the S.I.C. area, which extends for several kilometres along the coast with its sandy beaches as far as Badesi, and then beyond up to Isola Rossa, characterised by its red granite, and its beautiful paradise coast.
how to reach us Once you have arrived in Valledoria, the easiest road is the one in the direction of the beach at San Pietro. Once you have taken this, you will arrive at a roundabout just before a pine wood, and here you take the first exit on the right. Continuing for 300 metres, the first road on the left will take you directly to the Centre.
area services It is possible to arrive at the Centre by car, or by the shuttle bus service, which goes to and from Valledoria. The nearest bus stop is at the la Foce campsite, which is 100 metres from the Playa Sardinia Centre. Near the river mouth from April to October, there is a kiosk bar. Customers can find accommodation at the nearby camping Village La Foce, or in Valledoria, La Ciaccia or La Muddizza, which is 3 minutes away by car. A variety of options are available, such as hotels, campsites, Holiday rentals, B&B and apartments. In Valledoria it is possible to find numerous restaurants and pizzerias, supermarkets, shops and other facilities. For those without cars, the Centre can organise transfers to and from airports with local partners ( by reservation), and bicycle hire for the duration of your stay. To find out more about the opportunities in the area, we would advice you to visit the links of the other operators connected with your holiday via the menù on the right of this page in the appropriate section.


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