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Valledoria and a sustainable Sardinia

Sardegna sostenibile

Valledoria and a sustainable Sardinia

The World Tourism Organization, the United Nations and other international organizations involved in tourism, have identified several principles and guide lines for the development and management of sustainable tourism, which can be applied to any destination.


Among the fundamental principles, we’d like to draw your attention to the following:

- making the best use of environmental resources that constitute a key element of tourist development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to preserve a natural heritage and biodiversity;

- increasing awareness of the fact that tourism can be carried out in different ways, having more respect for the environment and being more socially responsible;

- respecting the socio-cultural authenticity of the host community, preserving its cultural heritage and traditional values, amd contributing to inter-cultural comprehension and tolerance;

- guaranteeing long term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits including stable employment, opportunities for earning and social services to the local communities, and contributing to the alleviation of poverty;

- maintaining a high level of tourist satisfaction and guaranteeing the tourist an important experience, increasing his/her awareness regarding sustainability and the means and methods of promotion;

- guaranteeing the participation of local communities in all phases of eco-tourism projects;

- guaranteeing that  sustainable tourism contributes to the preservation and the sustainable development of the areas involved and the neighbouring communities.

programmare il viaggio - SardegnaAwareness of the need to have to deal with and plan the development of a future linked to the balance between the environmental, social and economic aspects of tourism, needs to be translated into undertakings and initiatives at national and international level, in order to grow according to a key ethical and ecological system.

So here you are, a first, simple mini-guide to your holiday as a responsible tourist in Valledoria.

Points to think about:

1. Planning the journey.

2. The journey.

3. Arrival and transfers.

4. Respect for the place.

5. Knowledge of local culture.

6. A choice of sustainable solutions.

7. Your contribution.

1. Planning the journey.

A  sustainable holiday starts with the journey.
You should enter into the concept of a  sustainable holiday, now that you are thinking about taking one.
Planning a sustainable holiday means organizing, for the most part, a holiday that is both pleasant and different.

It means rediscovering times and places, from an unusual point of view, imagining that you are thus contributing to creating something, and at the same time, relaxing and having fun.

It means, for example, avoiding the crowds during the classic holiday month of August, and enjoying Sardinia to the full just for yourself during all the other months of the year, bearing in mind that from May to October for the sea, everything is available for the typical seaside holiday.
Sports activities, such as kayaking, sailing, kite surf, swimming and diving, horse-riding, trekking, tennis, volleyball and football, all year round, while if you want a more culturally focused holiday, to discover places where time has left its mark, from the PreNuraghic age, to the Spanish period, in the months from October to April, you will find a wide variety of choice and accessibility in terms of places, all of which will certainly be highly rewarding.

In terms of operators, choose wherever possible a local supplier ( direct contact), and local operators (businesses in the area), choosing family run businesses or, where this is not possible, in terms of size or availability, those run by people settled in the area - the internet will certainly allow you to discover more about this.

2.The journey

Sardegna - il viaggioChoose travel solutions that have a low environmental impact such as the train and the ferry, and think of it as a journey within a journey, or rather an opportunity to "slow down" the rhythm in a pleasant manner, starting your holiday from there.

If you don’t have huge amounts of baggage (...and really, do you need all that stuff?), choose public transport solutions, to and from the airports, and if possible, during the course of your holiday, try and spend at least one day devoted to a bicycle ride, it will bring you closer to Nature and to the places that you are visiting.

Remember that your holiday begins when you start your journey, not when you arrive at your destination.

If you are leaving from a big city, or a stressful situation, linked to the frenetic pace of life, you should consider the journey itself as an experience and a discovery.

In order to arrive in Sardinia, it’s an idea to consider the ferry crossing not as a slow and boring means of transport, or just a means to an end, but rather a gradual way to approach the culture of the sea and nature, part of a journey that will bring you ever closer to our beautiful island of Sardinia.

Find out more about your ship, how it was designed and made, its particular details and services, together with your friends or family. In reality, the crossing is an enjoyable mini Mediterranean cruise, which joins two shores, each with different peoples and cultures, where the water is the element on which you gently arrive at your destination, and from which to return.

3.Arrival and transfer

Sardegna trasferimentiOnce arrived at your port of destination, if you haven’t brought your car with you, (and if you haven’t, you’ve already saved a good amount...), you may well decide for the most sustainable means of travelling, that is public transport (you can organize your journey from home), and then choose to use bicycles, for short journeys when you are at your destination, or you could choose to hire a car, with appropriate engine size and dimensions for you and your bags, preferring small cars that have low fuel consumption and low environmental impact.

4. Respect for the place

This begins with information, respect for the place where you are going to spend your holidays.

Sardegna in biciWe recommend that you choose sustainable and eco-friendly activities as a first choice, for your holiday.

Find out about any trips and excursions that are available, for at least one day of your holiday that you can do on foot, or by  bike, or by bus, even if you have the use of a car.

Talk to people who live where you are staying, find out about and get to know the famous Sardinian hospitality, where, if you behave with courtesy and good manners, they will be returned.

One of the most important pieces of advice that we gove to tourists is to leave this precious Sardinia exactly as you found it. In actual fact, one of the biggest problems is domestic rubbish.

Treat our places as if you were at home, don’t throw rubbish on the ground, but use the appropriate containers, which can  be found along  the roads.

If you are staying in an apartment, be aware that in Valledoria there is a separated rubbish collection system from door to door, so find out the details from local owners or other renters.

At all costs do not throw bags of unseparated rubbish along the roadsides.

This will help to avoid those who come here on holiday either with you or after you, from finding a dirty , uncared for and neglected place.

5.Knowledge of local culture

Sardegna culturaLearn something from your holiday, so that you depart enriched by the experience and the knowledge that you will have acquired.

It is important to understand  a people’s history, so as to better understand the people themselves, just as it is important to get to know the places, in order to share experiences and feelings beyond just those of where you are staying. We all have something to learn.

One of the most amusing ways is to learn a few simple words in the local dialect.

The one you will hear most often is “ajò”. Ajò means “let’s go”, but it is also an encouragement to do something, or agreement with a concept that is being expressed. (Ajò unisciti a noi), come on, join us.

In the Island within an island section of this site, there is a lot of basic information about Sardinian history, and you can find out the main events, all connected with our archaeological, architectural, cultural and social heritage.

6.Choosing sustainable solutions.

The choice of sustainable solutions also means talking about enjoyable aspects, such as the excellent local cuisine.

Sardegna turismo attivoMake a decision to try Sardinian dishes and choose  locally produced and sourced products, from both land and sea.

This will have a major ethical effect on the local population, and at the same time reduce the impact resulting from transport and excessive supply costs, necessary to bring products here.

Make a decision to choose sports and activities with a low environmental impact, and which promote interaction with the naturalistic and environmental aspects of the area.

Valledoria is part of a Site of Community Interest, the SIC Foci del Coghinas, discover its features and respect the place for future generations and for the preservation of the local biodiversity. It would be excellent to see you here again, in a couple of years, maybe together with a new generation, and to know that you can share the same experiences again.
Walk as much as you can.

You will be doing yourself a lot of good, and it is one of the simplest ways of slowing down hectic rhythms and relaxing as much as possible during your well-deserved holiday.

Breathe deeply. Take the smell of the sea and the Mediterranea vegetation away with you, these wonderful scents that pervade the whole island.

7.Your contribution

You are important for us.
you are important as a tourist, and therefore as added value for our local activities, but you are also important for what you may know and what you would like to share with us.

For this reason, we ask you, either at the end, or during your holiday, to write us a short letter, at , in which we would be very happy to hear, if you’d care to tell us, how you are, if you have any ideas on how to improve our first steps on this sustainable, or how in some way it can interact with other experiences beyond our limits.

You can send photos, videos, or any other form of contribution that you think is interesting so that we can evaluate it and, if it is of general interest, we will publish it in a special section of this site. Furthermore, we hope that some part of this material may be useful for developing new cooperative ventures for our, and possibly your sustainable activities.

As a guide to any communication, it should include your personal information , so that we can contact you, a date referring to whatever you are describing, and in the case of photos and/or videos, a short declaration whereby you give us authorisation to use the material sent to us for activities related to local sustainable tourism.

Your help is just as precious as water for us. And as you know, for us water is fundamental.

So here it is. A few simple points, that over time will develop and maybe indicate a path, a route, well visible and laid out, but like everything young and new, needs to grow. And you, together with us, are the vital energy, needed to guarantee a better future.


Ciao Valledoria - Environment protection no profit association - Responsible tourism promotion - Valledoria (SS) - Italy