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Holidays in Valledoria in Sardinia
Staying on the edge of a protected area

This simple section is intended to be a local guide to the opportunities available when visiting Valledoria, for your holidays in Sardinia, indicating what accomodation offers are closest to your expectations.

If you have already chosen, or you are thinking about choosing a holiday in Sardinia, then there are obviously numerous reasons for doing so; let’s see if we can work out how to find our way around all the different offers available in this area.

Clearly, the type of stay will depend on your idea of a specific holiday, so instead of just giving you a normal list of hotels and facilities, which you can find at any point on the site, clicking on the items on the menù at the bottom on the right, we’ll show you how to follow a process for finding out the different characteristics of the offers.

The order of these categories is definitely not an indication of the different qualities of these holidays, just different types. Among other things, we have set up a system where the order changes  at random, so there is always a different series of things to look at.

With this in mind, we would suggest that you look at the whole list, in order to find what you are interested in straightaway, if you don’t want to read every single description.

The images and pictures used for these categories are for illustrative purposes only and not connected to any of the operators, for whom you can find a dedicated link while reading


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