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Sport in Valledoria,

Sardinia Tourists hello! Here in Valledoria you can either just relax, or choose to spend your holiday being active.

If you are in the second group, here are some of the opportunities available here for a sustainable sports holiday.

These are the main sports that you can do, so once you have found something you like, or that interests you, look for the relevant operators in the menù on the right, and go from there.

Happy Holidays from Ciao Valledoria


And even just to stay in shape and enjoy all the colours of the sea, going for long walks is something anyone can do, whether you’re in shape or not...







Running any direction and in peace and quiet along the sea, or up inot the hills, at any time of the year.







Perfect conditions no matter what the direction of the wind, Sardinia was made for water sports, and here windsurfing is in its element.







Kayaking gives you the opportunity to spend peaceful moments in a protected natural reserve, and depending on which service you choose, the nearby marine area.







With over ten kilometres of accessible coastline there are numerous attractive opportunities for swimming in complete safety, whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer.







Bicycles, mountain bikes, splendid routes available immersed in unspoilt nature.







Horse riding and pony trekking. Both in Anglona and Gallura there are horse riding trails of guaranteed interest available to the visitor. At your disposal.







Diving, the area offers well-equipped centres for wonderful diving in the marine areas between Castelsardo, Valledoria and Costa Paradiso.







It’s the last set, don’t worry, you’re playing tennis in Sardinia, just relax...







Easy, great fun, a mask, two flippers, snorkel, and and a new world opens up underneath you, snorkeling in the Sardinian sea.







Learning and doing kitesurf is on hand at Valledoria, with wide-open spaces, perfect places and ideal weather conditions.







Moving over water, driven by the wind on a sailing boat, it seems as if you can go anywhere in complete freedom.






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