defy gemini multi chef oven manual

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defy gemini multi chef oven manual

To simplifyPart Number 068 449Introduction. Unpacking. Cupboard designConnection to the power supply. InstallationSelector switchBaking. GrillingCleaning. The oven light. Owner’s responsibility. Problem checkWarranty. Introduction. Cupboard design. Congratulations on the purchase of thisWe trust that you will enjoy many years ofPlease read these instructions carefullyThis manualUnpacking. Remove all packing from the oven cavityEnsure that packaging material isIf the appliance is damaged in any way,CookingSurfaces immediately adjacent to theOverhanging doors above the oven maySafety advice. This section contains safety instructions that willGeneral safetyOur company shall not be liable for anyThere is the risk of electric shock!Figures in this manual are schematicTake care when opening the ovenKeep all ventilation slots clear of obstructions. The appliance may be hot when it is in use. Never touch the hot burners, inner sections ofAlways use heat resistant oven gloves whenDo not use the appliance with the front doorThe rear surface of the oven gets hot when it isDo not trap the mains cable between the ovenMake sure that the function knobs are switchedWhen using gas, ensure that the room is wellAlways keep children and infirm persons awayOnly use the appliance for preparing food. Use a deep pan, large enough to cover theAlways dry food thoroughly before placing it inNever fill the pan more than one third full of fatNever heat fat or fry with a lid on the pan. Do not fry too much food at once. This lowersDo not leave hot fat or oil unattended. IfDo not store flammable items in the oven. Always keep the oven door gasket clean. WARNING Hot surfaces may causeKeep children away from theDANGER Risk of fire by overheatedElectrical installation. This appliance must be earthed and theThis appliance should not be connectedRefer to S.A.N.S.10142. Support the oven in front of the apertureConnection to the power supply.

The connection must be carried out by aThe appliance must be connected to theA means for disconnection must beInstallationFloor. Support the oven in front of the apertureSlide the oven fully into the cabinetSecure the oven by inserting small woodIt is adequate to only secure the unit onReversing the oven door to open from the other side. This task will require an assistant to hold and support theThen holding the pin by the head, (D), unscrew it from the rightScrew the pin into the centre position of the left hand ovenThereafter tighten theThe door can then be maneuvered left to right and top to bottomThereafter tighten all the screws.The display will again show the time ofAfter 5 minutes the timer will emit anNote:Setting the time of day. To set the clock, press buttons 1 and 2Press buttons 5 or 6 until the correct timeRelease the buttons. The clock is now set. Please note that the clock has a 24 hourFor example 3.00 PM will be displayedMinute minder. Suppose that you wish to time the boilingFirst boil the water. Press and hold button 1. The display willPress button 6 until the display showsThe minute minder can be usedThe display will always revert to the timeSwitching the oven offSuppose you have to go out and you willProceed as follows:AUTO will light up in the display.Note:Auto Bake. AutomaticallyAuto bake is intended for dishesThese are not affected by a waitingPrepare your meal and place it in theSet the cooking period required bySet the stop time by pushing buttonsRelease the buttons and the clock willThe word AUTO will light up on theNow set the selector and ovenThe automatic control will automaticallyCooking will commence at the selectedThe oven will automatically switch off atTo cancel the tone, press any of the buttons. The word AUTO will flash until button 4The oven thermostat must be turned toSuppose the time of day is 13h00. The foodHere’s what to do.It is not advisable to use the Auto bakeImportant. If the Automatic start and or stopPress button 4.

The control panelThis switch allows the selection of the following oven functions.Oven Light: To switch on the light, turn the selector knob until the light icon, depicted on theTop and Bottom elements (Conventional Bake): Both the bottom bake element and the topThis position is ideal for baking, roasting and cooking. Bottom element only: Selecting only the bottom element and setting the thermostat at theNote: All ovens extract moisture from the food being cooked, especially so during the winter months. This is normal and not detrimental to the food or the oven. Grill and bottom elements: (Pre-Heat) Reduces oven heat up time. Select conventional bakeGrill: Select the grill function for conventional grilling.Baking Guide. NOTE: While the oven is operating, aBakingCentre.The light willAfter baking is completed, theNote. The roast pan must not beGrilling. Where possible, bake on the middle shelfPlace the food halfway between the backDo not open the oven door until at leastThe oven door must remain partiallyPosition the shelf in the desired positionSet the selector switch and ovenThe thermostat indicator light will glow. Preheat the grill element for about 5Partially withdraw the shelf and place theSlide the shelf back into position andMonitor the grilling to avoid burning theAfter grilling is completed, the ovenThe oven thermostat is marked down toAccessible parts may become hot whenCleaning the ovenDo not use a steam cleaner.To remove the sideFit in reverse order. General cleaning.The oven light is switched on by the multiTo replace a faulty light bulb, proceed asOwner’s responsibility. Since the following are not factory faults,Damage to exterior finish.Damage caused by moving the appliance. Problem check. Before calling a technician to assist withThe main distribution board. The wall switch. Check that “Key lock” on the timer is notEnsure that the timer is set to manual. Press button 4.

Remember that you may be charged for aShould your timer display “HELP”, pleaseDon’t. Clean your appliance regularly. ThisUse flat bottomed pots and pans whenKeep children well away from theSupervise the cooking process. Overcooked or spoiled food is wasteful. Leave about a 40mm. air gap betweenAdequate air circulation is importantGet into the habit of wearing ovenPartly slide out the oven shelf beforeThis will prevent accidental contactUse pots which are smaller than theLeave the appliance unattendedThis is goodUse abrasive cleaning materials. TheyAllow fat splashes to dry and bakePut baking tins on the floor of theUse the appliance to heat the home. Neither the hotplates nor the ovenAllow pot handles to overhang theChildren mightWARNING: Under no circumstances should the bake element beNor should a pan or tray be positionedDoing so would reflect the heat from the bake element downwards. HeatBloemfontein 9301. Tel. 051 400 3900East London 5201. Tel. 043 743 7100Montague Gardens, 7441. Tel. 021-526 3000Superbia 0699.Umgeni Business Park, DurbanNorth End, Port Elizabeth 6001. Tel. 041 401 6400Administration, Distribution. National Groups, Tel. Sales. Contracts and Credit. Denver ext.12. Johannesburg. 2094. Tel. 011 621 0200 or 011 621Park. Hermanstad. 0082. Tel. 012 377 8300The Company warrants to the original purchaser that for a period of TWO YEARS from date of purchase the appliance is free from defect underCompany reserves the right to effect such service through any of its Service Divisions or Authorised Service Dealers. The cost of such serviceAuthorised Service Dealer. Where the appliance is located beyond the 50 km radius, the purchaser shall be liable for the standard travellingCARRY IN SERVICE Microwave ovens, Compact cookers and small appliances are repaired in our service centres and are not collected fromIt is an expressAbuse, misuse inThe Company shall not, inCertificate.Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

For the purpose of warranty, it will be essential to produce this. Certificate and invoice. Failure to do so, will render the purchaser liable for service costs. Where is the fuses positioned on this stove, or what can be the problem. The fan is working, so the problem must be with the element or a. We do not have a manual with the oven as we live in a rented house, and the stove came with it.The oven flicker on Auto. How can I delete the Auto. Most models won't work when on Auto. There are push buttons under the clock and one has a. The igniter is bad if it's a gas oven or the thermostat won't turn on the igniter. You can check by turnung the oven on and looking. With the result I cannot even switch the oven on With the result I cannot even switch the oven on. Please advise Please advise Fan oven cooking mode not. Answer questions, earn points and help others. Watch out for two phase with indicator light. Login to post Watch out for two phase with indicator light.The oven flicker on Auto. How can I delete the Auto? From left to right numbering the buttons 1-6, this is button 4 on your appliance. Press this button and it should go back to manual mode and allow you to use the oven.We thought it might be a fuse however we cannot find the fuse box. This is an eye level oven - Defy. When I plug it in the fan comes on and none of the controls are responsive. Display is blank. Is there a fix for this? Part no'sR530-06 1 RD\- 1 SQ, R-R530-09 2 ES,R530-05 2EA,R530-48 2 EA,R-530-08 2EA Dewayne CargillSanta Maria, Ca 93455Answer questions, earn points and help others. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The oven is set on auto on the control panel. I have tried pressing the manual button(small hand) several times but it is not switching to manual.

I have gone through the manual but i cannot find any clues on how to get this right if there is anyone with a similar oven please help me. The oven is set on auto on the control panel. I have tried pressing the manual button(small hand) several times but it is not switching to manual. I have gone through the manual but i cannot find any clues on how to get this right if there is anyone with a similar oven please help me.Suggest you cut the power to the oven at the isolator switch, and then follow every single step in the manual, missing out on nothing. That should get everything working. Next, you cant just press the little hand button, nothing happens that way. You must press and hold the button until it switches to the next option and repeat until you get to the function you require one by one. Also note that load shedding will mess up everything every time. On my daughter's oven, we found that the clock does not really affect things too much but, that it is better to get the time set correctly each time a power failure occurs. Add to favorites More R1,695 Free Shipping See offer Defy 28L Electronic Microwave Oven Metallic DMO351 Electronic Microwave OvenLED display 5 Power levels Cook by weight Weight defrost Mirror door Digital clock 6 Pre-cook settings Jet defrost Safety lock 900W microwave. Add to favorites More R2,495 Free Shipping See offer Defy 34L Grill Microwave Oven Stainless Steel DMO343 GrillingThe Metal Stand The metal stand is microwave compatible and is placed centrally on the tray, allowing food to be positioned closer to the grill.Auto CookAuto cook function. Add to favorites More R3,495 Free Shipping See offer Defy 50 x 60 Gas Electric Oven 3 Burner 1 Solid Plate Black DGS178 3 Gas Burners1 Solid PlateElectric IgnitionVariable Burner ControlSteel Pan SupportsElectric Oven with Bake and Grill FunctionGross Volume: 57LEasy-clean Enamel Oven. Position the tray on top of. Position the tray on top.

Add to favorites More R6,095 Free Shipping See offer Defy 60 X 60 Gas Electric Oven 3 Burner 1 Solid Plate Black DGS 179 Electronic IgnitionThe control knob is simply held down and turned to the left (counterclockwise) during this time the ignition button is pushed and held for approximately 10. Add to favorites More R7,495 Free Shipping See offer Defy Gemini Petit Chef Oven Black DBO 472 Eco Energy EfficientManufactured with environmentally friendly materials.Air-cooled Oven DoorAs hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with. Add to favorites More R8,795 Free Shipping See offer Defy Gemini Petit Chef Multi-function Oven Mirror DBO 475 - Eco Energy EfficientManufactured with environmentally friendly materials.- Air-cooled Oven DoorAs hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced. Add to favorites. YesYesKnobsMechanicalClever innovation.Features. Double oven. Electric auto control. What's in the boxx 1 Ovenx 1 Roast Panx 1 Wire Rackx 1 Baking TrayTimer and buzzer. Dimensions: 510x55x580. All in all, whatever home furniture you’ll be looking for, look no further!We'll respond to you very soon. Please try again later, or give us a call. The offer information is here to help you compare against other offers. As soon as it is part of our program, we will have a direct link to the product page here.Air-cooled Oven Door: As hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with cool air fromStatic Oven System. Touch Control Timer. Aluminium handle. Chromed Shelves and Removable Shelf Rails. Push-In Pop-Out (PIPO) Knobs. Temperature range 70C to 230C. Can be used asAir-cooled Oven Door: As hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with cool air fromMultifunctionOven. Six cooking options.

DefrostThermofan bakeFan-assisted static bakeStatic bakeStatic grillTurbo grillLargest Oven Capacity: Prepare large meals effortlessly or cook more dishes at the same time and save electricityContactDetails Centre Up Directory. This general chat area is to be used for ON TOPIC posts, which does not fit in anywhere else. Please observe that, the moderators are spending too much time moving threads around.So I am guessing that the element needs replacing. Also is it a DIY job.Take the old one with if you can.Or there is also a poky shop which has everything about 100 metres east of where Benny Godberg was in Wynberg, JHB And yes, always leave door open when grilling!Remember that on the Gemini, you have to leave the oven door open about an inch for the top grill element to work.The only cooking I do in on fire. So I will relay the info thanks. She just told me last night that the top(grill) element didn't come on when she baked a poeding.For that you will have to take the back cover off the oven. Also just check because on alot of these multi function ovens there is a thermostat switch for the grill element in addition to the grill position on the temperature theremostat. This switch might just be off. The element is most probably a double element with the top bake element and grill element in one unit. The long wavy one will be the grill element. It could also just be that one of the connection terminals has burnt off. If you are getting 230 volts to the element and it does not get hot then it has gone. Look up Tecsa as mentioned. They will have a branch out that way. And yes take the old element with you. If you do remove the element take note of where which wires go. The element will have two self tapper screws inside the oven which you need to remove once you have disconnected it to remove it. For a better experience, we recommend using another browser. Learn more Facebook Email or phone Password Forgotten account.

We are honouring 10 Mzansi Queens who have gone to incredible lengths to believe in a better South Africa for us all. Thermofan? There’s a lot of terminology when it. If so, please try restarting your browser.Watch below and be inspired by our incredible range of cooking products, including benefits and interesting technology. Please beware this listing has expired. We have displayed some related listings below for your convenience.Manual available. Nearest cash offer will be considered.Good condition. Whatsapp: 0825261093. Call,SMS: 0679049103 Oven is fully functional however only one of the four stove plates works. Stove can be possibly be repairedIt was used for only 6 months. Asking price is R3 500 non negotiable. Only serious buyers please to contact me. Whatsapp me 0817380999 Drawer type liner de. Electrical ! Phone 0725222522 The elegant slimline design of the Salton Hot Tray ensures easy storage. The 5mm thick tempered glass top was designed for durability, giving you additional safety and peace of mind. Entertain guests for hours, while prepared food stays hot and ready to serve. Extra large heating area of 2cm safety area around the glass surface without heating. Features. Start here You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Prices Brands Colour of products. Multifunction oven has 6 options to make cooking simple. The constant flow of air ensures that there is no excessive heat on the door surface. In addition, the door may be conveniently opened at any time for inspecting food without any risk Our friendly and experienced consultants are always happy to help. Over the years we've established partnerships with leading audio and visual, home appliance, furniture and bedding brands for the best deals in South Africa.