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Cantina Ligios

Production of red wines and filuferru in the Valledoria area, Sardinia
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Cantina Ligios operator main activityCantina Ligios is happy to present its own products, closely linked to the land and work in our winery, the fruit of cyclical processes and attention paid to the transformation of cultivated grapes. This is a family-run business, the result of a farming tradition handed down from generation to generation. These red and white wines are intended to represent the best of local typical Sardinian wine production, now recognised at an international level.
Cantina Ligios At our premises in la Muddizza, a hill exposed to the sun where the grapes are expertly tended, we have a wine cellar and shop for tastings, with nearby apartments so that you can combine a visit in search of flavours with a holiday in Sardinia just a short distance from the sea.
Cantina Ligios operator servicesThe Bastiano Ligios winemaker produces three red wines and the corresponding single vine grappas, and a white wine. The red wines are the Carammare, the Campamara and the Carys. The Carammare is a Cannonau di Sardegna D.O.C., the name originates from the Sardinian “facing the sea”, like the vine that produces it. Maceration lasts for 15 days under a controlled temperature which does not exceed 28°C, so as to extract the maximium from the structure and typical scents of the vine. The wine has an intense ruby red colour, with a rich bouquet containing notes of jam and rose which combine perfectly with its softness. It is ideally suited to strongly flavoured meat dishes, game and wild fowl, and should be served at 18°-20°C. It has an alcoholic strength of 14%. Campamara is an I.G.T. isola dei Nuraghi. The name harks back to the ancient name for the area in which the vine is cultivated and derives from the language of the Phoenicians, who left numerous traces here in the past. It is obtained from a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and autoctonous grapes, and has a ruby red colour with intense elements of red fruit and Mediterranean scrub and clear strong evidence of tannin and a great body. It has an alcoholic strength of 13.5%. Carys is an I.G.T. isola dei Nuraghi. The name refers to the vine that produces it, the Syrah, which originated in the Near East and then spread first through France and then to all the areas that have a great winemaking tradition. With a ruby red colour, and a spicy perfume, it is soft and highly harmonic. It has an alcoholic strength of 13%. Finally the white, Juliola, pleasant, fresh and perfumed, is a top quality Vermentino di Sardegna D.O.C., of top quality. The name comes from the ancient Roman name for the area where Valledoria stands today. In addition to wines, the Vitivinicola Bastiano Ligios produces single vine grappas each taken from the grape marc of the three separate red vines. Distillation is carried out at a small independent distillery which has a long tradition and which is able to develop separately even small amounts immediately after the wine has been drawn off. In this way it is possible to obtain a soft Cannonau grappa, a strong and pronounced Cabernet grappa and a pleasantly keen Syrah grappa, thus giving three equally balanced but distinct products.
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Cantina Ligios local areaLa Muddizza is a village near Valledoria, located at the foot of Monte Ussoni and enjoying a high panoramic position, on a gentle slope that drops down to the sea and from which the entire Golfo dell'Asinara is visible. The village is comfortably close to the village of la Ciaccia and the town centre of Valledoria. Within the area there are numerous natural, cultural and touristic attractions, uncluding the nearby Thermal baths and Spa at Casteldoria, and the ancient fortress of Castelsardo, with its promontory out looking over the sea. There are also many interesting and attractive beaches for swimming in the local area.
Cantina Ligios how to reach us Arriving from Sassari, take the first turning for Valledoria and at the church on the main road turn left, and carry on for 100 metres. The large vineyard, the winery buildings and apartments are visible from the road on the right hand side. Coming from Valledoria, going in the Sassari direction, once you have reached the village of la Muddizza, turn right at the church square and follow the road which drops down to la Ciaccia, the vineyard will be on the right.
Cantina Ligios area services Being midway between la Muddizza andla Ciaccia there are supermarkets, bars, cigarette shops, restaurants and various other shops. From the church at la Muddizza there is a shuttle bus service in the summer months, which covers the whole Valledoria municipal area, in order to guarantee connections between the villages and the beaches.
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