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Sardinia as you’d like it Valledoria

I’m surfing through pages on the Net and I’m trying to find a place where I can spend holidays in Sardinia.

I’ve spent the whole evening looking around on Google putting in a whole set of different key words, like... Sardinia, sea, holidays in Sardinia, and hundreds of others, but the same old sites on Sardinia keep appearing, "package" holidays from supermarkets, with loads of offers which keep on telling me to book now, it’s there on every page, they keep on chasing me...
I open the offer, a couple of words, two photos, the cost at the bottom.

But is this really the Sardinia I’m looking for? How can I choose where I want to go?

A friend was telling me about this new idea, a project for sustainable tourism promoted by a Sardinian Non Profit Making association, just ordinary normal people from the area who have got together to present a protected area a Site of Community Interest at the mouth of the Coghinas, but I can’t remember the name of the place.

Valle... it had something to do with a famous brand of biscuits... (strange how sometimes you associate words, conditioned as we are by thousands of adverts, blasting out of the TV at us), ... now I remember! "Doria!" it was the brand of those Doria biscuits, those shortbread ones, that was it, so... Valledoria , Yeah!.

My friend told me that to make the choice of communication easier, they chose a name that was easy to remember, they’re right! It’s come back to me. Ciao Valledoria.

Let’s see, I know it’s a new project, let’s try on Google.
Ciao Valledoria...well! here we are., interesting, this way of suggesting a destination starting from its local developing objectives, not just a seaside holiday, and all year round, too.

Ah and all the operators are here together, they’ve given spaces to different things, all together to demonstrate a line of sustainable development, interesting...

But don’t they sell holidays? Ah no. They’ve left a space for each operator to introduce themselves, but then to buy or book something you deal directly with the operator involved. "Directly"... Excellent.

So then, what kind of holiday do I want? Well, sure I want to go with the family, after work I want to have a relaxing holiday, but active as well, where I can work off some of the blubber I’ve put on over the winter.

They’ve got all kinds of water sports, canoeing,
sailing, kite surf,  ah maybe there are also presentations of all the different kinds of holidays I can have... Hotel (ah yes, they take care of everything), Residence ( just a few other people and me stretched out blowing bubbles in the swimming pool), well, sure, even if I’m in Sardinia, when it’s beautiful, the sea is a marvel; ah here we are, Camping (ah , a tent, what an adventure, eh but now they’ve got everything, they’re not just tents any more! ). Or... Apartments as well( ah ... that’s just like being at home, I can carry on arguing with my wife :) ), Holiday rentals (ah a place just for us), Bed and Breakfast ( I’ve never understood how to say it properly, but it’s really popular just lately... simple and informal).

well, sure , the ideal would be to try them all... to have the time, there’s never enough of that..., anyway, let’s get serious, what can you eat here (yes because we are always courteous and polite but when there’s food around we’re first in the queue)...
Well look at that, they’ve even put on a page with all the typical food and dishes, oh look how they do roast suckling pig... but what’s this zuppa gallurese ? dishes made with local products, good those know, I really like this place.
Ah the river... and what about the mosquitoes! ah, not many?
It’s airy and well ventilated ?! Well, at least we won’t die of heat in the evenings, here in the city in August if you haven’t got an airconditioner, you’re finished... Lovely, look at that,  a birdwatching trip on a boat up the river!

Ah this is funny, they’ve even put a page called  as you’d like it? but how?  this page is all about me! ah well, if I can organize my holiday how I want to, then this is the place for me, I’m going to book nooooooooow!
Ah yes now I understand, you can’t do that, they don’t sell anything on this site, that’s OK, I’ll get in touch directly using the details of each individual operator with the information on each section, yes I see, I’ve got it all,  telephone e-mail,  web site, even some information on special offers ok, I sort out the details directly with them.
For sure we’re going to find a formula that suits us perfectly, wait for me Valledoria ... I’m coming!

Ah my holidays in Sardinia.’re mine!...with respect ... naturally!

Ciao Valledoria - Environment protection no profit association - Responsible tourism promotion - Valledoria (SS) - Italy